Wine for pleasure

The alcohol-free segment has made a major impact on the wine market. This consumer trend meets the expectations of customers who enjoy traditional quality products without the constraints of alcohol. Vintense – 100% pleasure, 0.0% alcohol.

Man and the vine

It’s with passion, respect for tradition and human labour that we choose our unique wines for de-alcoholisation.

The selection

Our oenologists carefully select the wines following a precise set of specifications. This enables us to guarantee great quality and consistency thanks to the excellence of the raw material.

Flavours and aromas

Our unique de-alcoholisation process preserves the flavours and subtle bouquets of the original wines. But do you know how Vintense guarantees absolute 0.0% alcohol ?

Our 4 steps of production

Discover the different stages to obtain quality alcohol-free wines.


WINE STARTS with the vines

The attention paid by our winegrowers and oenologists to the choice of the vine and the work growing them results in the agreeable balance of our de-alcoholised wines. Special attention is paid to the maturation of the grapes in order to identify the optimal moment for harvesting.



The grape harvest is a crucial stage in vinification. It is carried out with respect for human labour and with the aim of obtaining the best grapes, which are the basis for the quality of our wines.



The grapes are removed from the bunch to guarantee a nice roundness. Then they are crushed very carefully to extract the juice.

Yeasts are added to start fermentation. This transforms the natural sugars in the juice into alcohol.



Once our wines have been chosen, the unique de-alcoholisation process can begin. Our experts use a cutting-edge technique to extract all the alcohol present in the wine.


The special feature of this method ? The low pressure under vacuum applied on the wine which allows the evaporation of alcohol at a low temperature (no more than 40°).

This avoids the loss of volatile aromas and maintains the organoleptic qualities in the original wine. The key flavours and aromas of the wine are preserved.

Lastly, blending ensures a sound, harmonious structure and balance for the Vintense 0% Alc. Range.

Finally, the Vintense bottles receive their labels and are ready to reveal their fine colours...

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