“I’ve always liked to take care of myself”

A healthy balanced diet, watching my weight, daily exercise, and a healthy lifestyle are the keys for feeling at ease with my body. But I am entitled to a social life too! With Vintense, aperitifs or going out with friends are still a real pleasure because I too can celebrate without moderation! (laughs) Personally, I’m a fan of Vintense Fine Bubbles Rosé!

Commuting, work and sleep … it’s not always easy to look after your waistline. Balancing body and mind is a matter of a healthy balanced diet, but also of controlling your alcohol consumption.

Alcoholic drinks contain a huge amount of calories. The two Vintense ranges, Fine Bubbles and Grape Varieties, have been developed to guarantee you 0.0% alcohol with the bouquets of the finest wines.

Girl talk over a glass of Vintense will be long, full of anecdotes and flavour!

5 tips to succeed your cocktails, always 0,0% alcohol

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